Objects of Faith

The following is an introduction I wrote for photographer Jim Lommasson’s exhibit ‘Heaven and Earth,’ an exploration of symbols and images used in worship. The dash board Madonna and the snow-globe Christ, the yucca leaf and the antelope horn, the flower, bell or candle – all the objects of faith – represent and activate a lived […]

This is Your Therapy on Ecstasy

You might have seen the large corrugated cardboard yurt across the dusty haze of the playa at Burning Man. Inside you would have discovered Burners in various altered states attended to by a cadre of sober volunteers soothing, hydrating, and otherwise being present with the the ‘trips’ of their respective charges. The ‘Zendo,’ as it […]

Bosnia: The Memory and Imagination of War

What happens after war? The following is part of an ongoing project that features the voices and narratives of refugees in America. I’m interested in how people rebuild or reinvent their lives after war and displacement, what enables people to transform pain, and what keeps them fragmented by the past.  In early April of 2012, […]

Mira’s Story Part 1: Aftershock

The following is the story of Mira,* an ethnically Muslim woman who lost her infant son during the Balkan War (1992 – 1995) and left Bosnia with her family in the hopes of making a better life in America. Here she is interviewed at her home in Utica, New York. Part of a project that features the voices and narratives of refugees, it is also a meditation on displacement and the role of storytelling in healing trauma. 

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