Ghostwriting and Coaching

Finding one’s voice is a process of finding one’s passion.                                                              – Terry Tempest Williams I’ve ghosted for people of all stripes and stories: photographers, artists, […]

Find Your Radiant Story

The voice is what’s there when you take everything else away.    – Chase Twichell A process to uncover your unmistakable voice. Best for established or aspiring writers, bloggers, creatives, entrepreneurs, speakers, educators, and those looking to build a distinctive platform through writing and speaking. The Power of Voice We’re irresistibly drawn to certain writers […]


Consider any area of your form as limitlessly spacious. Feel your substance, bones, flesh, blood, saturated with essence. Suppose your passive form to be an empty room with a wall of skin…  – Vijnanabhairava Tantra As a teacher and practitioner of Yoga and mindfulness techniques I believe that conscious embodiment can nourish and enhance our creative lives. […]