Hi there! I’m Blair Lyonev.

I’m a London-based professional writer and Yoga teacher with a passion for women-centric narratives and the places where art, spirituality and the the body intersect. I also help people uncover their unique story and tell it in a way that supports their empowered unfolding in the world. 

I hold a BA in Southeast Asian Religions from Bard College and an MFA in Writing from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where I also taught creative and rhetorical writing for four years. Blair - Freelance Writer and Yoga Instructor

Between and since my stints in academia I’ve freelanced and ghostwritten for magazines, artists, NGOs, start-ups and entrepreneurs. I’ve worked with people on their websites, full-length manuscripts, speeches, blogs and beyond.

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What I love about what I do:

The dialogue. Listening without leaks is how I connect. I like to play priestess in ad hoc confessionals – like pubs and park benches; I like to dig out a person’s deeper story and find the inflection points that landed them where they are today; Oh, and I love watching obsessive types uncork and talk about their passions. 

The voice. It lays us open and sets us free – what’s better than that? And it’s my kind of fun to capture a person’s unique register and rhythm, beats and breaths; I love helping people to find their own.

The strange places research has taken me. I have an affliction called Research Rapture, where my intended word count doesn’t merit the amount of trivia I’ve collected in order to meet it.

The Body. My first and greatest collaborator, she’s a pretty entertaining mix of temple, circus and dive bar. She refuses all the dogma I’ve ever dished out. And she’s smarter than me, so it’s my task to listen better, let her feed the writing and keep me in flow.

I’m drawn to voices from the margins and less told tales: those of war vet-activists, women leaders, refugeeswomen surviving war, and female graffiti artists. (Oh, and a weird turn as a pot journalist during Seattle’s legalization ‘green rush.’)

Aside from that I’m a restless gal, a die-hard mover in both body (Yoga and Dance) and through travel, a meditator, and am always searching in London’s urban sprawl for green and wild places, camera in tow.

For a sense of the breadth of my style in various genres, check out my blog, and while you’re there, take a look at my articles on how you can integrate the body with your creative or writing process. There are tips on discovering your voice, generative prompts and somatic techniques to keep you clear and bodied while you’re creating.



Blair Lyonev, writer, journalist, yoga

Hong Kong, Umbrella Revolution, 2014.



Every writer has a side trip, a time when they landed in a tilted world at a historic moment. Here’s mine:

I arrived in Seattle in the summer of 2013, and soon after stumbled into Washington’s burgeoning legal pot industry. I wasn’t exactly cannabis ‘fluent,’ but one freelance gig led to the next, and I wound up blogging and reporting on the industry’s players, scientists, philosopher’s and advocates. The following are a few of my favorite clips:

The Kettle Falls Five: Patient Story Article and Co-producer of video

The Heart of Leadership: Why Women + Pot = Power

Jane West: Women Grow

Holy Smokes: An Interview with Cannabis Historian Chris Bennett

Women and Cannabis

Don’t Go to the Cannabis Counter Without Me

Professor Hash: Empowering Personal Growers

The Cannabis Cleanse: 10 Tips for a New Year’s Detox

Talkin’ Bout a Revolution: Dave Rheins

What’s Old is New: 3 Traditional Cures That Still Work

The High Cost of Prohibition

Lady Business: An interview with Women’s Cash Flow Expert Debbie Whitlock

Recreational Medicine: An Interview with Dr. Lester Grinspoon