Essay: The Mother Tongue

On why women’s initiation stories require a uniquely feminine language.    I gave my mother a copy of Women Who Run With the Wolves for her birthday when I was 16. It was both a well-meaning and a snot-nosed, prescriptive gesture; My mother was and remains a hard-line pragmatist who once dismissed psychotherapy as a […]

Objects of Faith

The following is an introduction I wrote for photographer Jim Lommasson’s exhibit ‘Heaven and Earth,’ an exploration of symbols and images used in worship. The dash board Madonna and the snow-globe Christ, the yucca leaf and the antelope horn, the flower, bell or candle – all the objects of faith – represent and activate a lived […]

Book Review: The Radiance Sutras

Translation as Rapture: The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche In the fall semester of my junior year of college I embarked on a six-month study abroad program in India. Towards the end of the trip I stayed in Varanasi, the “holiest of the seven sacred cities,” where I, as a Religious Studies major, earnestly gorged on […]