Finding one’s voice is a process of finding one’s passion.

– Terry Tempest Williams

I’ve ghosted for people of all stripes and stories: photographers, artists, travel writers, entrepreneurs, NGO leaders, a dance company, a children’s book author, a psychic medium, novelists, Yoga, voice, and dance teachers, CEOs, singers and refugees. 

These collaborations are one of the most energizing and rewarding things I do because for me, ghostwriting is more than a craft of mimicry; it’s an opportunity for revelation.

I ask key questions and listen deeply, and through this process uncover the unique quality of your voice and get to the heart of what you want to express.

If you have an idea for a book manuscript, memoir, bio page, manifesto, travelogue, artist statement, video script, or speech, please connect with me here. I’d be excited to here about your project. 

I do the required research, hatch ideas, and create a compelling delivery.

Your experience of the final piece should feel a bit like singing in the shower; It’s your voice, only more singular, clear and magnetic.

Ghost or Copywriter…What’s the difference?

Not much; in both cases I’m writing content that has your name on it. As a ‘ghost’ I’m contractually unable to reference my participation in the work to other clients. As a copywriter I can.

This process is collaborative and requires a degree of resonance. So, before signing on I ask for a brief discussion about the proposed project. When I say ‘yes’ it’s because I believe I’m the best person for the job.

I like to work over the phone or on Skype. Email is good once we get the ball rolling. In person is excellent if you’re local.

My personal obsessions include: travel, psychology, holistic health, the body, spirituality, yoga, movement, art, photography, literature, sex and intimacy, perfume/scent, entrepreneurship, women’s narratives, migration and refugees…so I really hum when I work with people in those subject areas.

And by the by: I’m not afraid of more ‘difficult’ or harrowing narratives, nor do I shy away from strong, distinctive voices. I have a background in interviewing and crafting stories for survivors. So bring it on.

I charge on a per-project or an ongoing/retainer basis. Want to hear more about the process and get a quote? I’d love to hear from you. Go to the Connect page and send me an email. Tell me about what you want to co-create. I’m happy to have a quick discovery call with you as well.