Consider any area of your form as limitlessly spacious. Feel your substance, bones, flesh, blood, saturated with essence. Suppose your passive form to be an empty room with a wall of skin… 

– Vijnanabhairava Tantra


I’ve studied and taught Yoga for twenty years.

This is what I’ve learned: 

Conscious embodiment can nourish and enhance our creative lives.

Yoga can be a tool to cultivate both sensitivity and resilience. 

Yoga and contemplative practices should should carry us more deeply into our relationships and the world.

relaxed body is the most fertile ground for increased sensation; full sensation coupled with awareness is a path to inspired action and wholeness.

relaxed mind is the best theatre for our own creative unfolding.

As a teacher, I’m interested in a practice of Yoga that truly serves your life.

Yoga that leaves you feeling more alive and relaxed and connected – more deeply and pleasurably in your body – than you were before.

Yoga that gives you the tools to bring this aliveness and receptivity to your work, to your kid, to your passions, to the moments when you’re alone and staring down an old bad habit.

This means I guide you through strengthening, breath-centered vinyasa sequences that awaken and align the body, but I also teach you how to listen to – and honor – sensation as it arises.

That deeper listening creates a visceral connection to your body and consciousness, one that taps you into their more subtle messages and gives you the space to respond with greater clarity and intention.


My Path

I received my first formal Teacher Training and Yoga Alliance certification in Vinyasa Yoga in 2001, and have since taught in every possible setting and to people from all walks of life.

I’ve led large classes in corporate HQ’s (Starbucks in Seattle and Oregon Health and Science University in Portland among them), in pristine studios and raucous gyms, in country clubs, universities, homeless shelters, jails, and private homes.

I teach challenging, breath-led vinyasa sequences, paired with guided somatic meditations that awaken sensation, encourage mindfulness and support a more conscious embodiment.

Informed and inspired by various master Yoga teachers and their respective methodologies including Iyengar, Anusara, Yin, and Ashtanga, I’ve also studied within Buddhist, Tantric, Somatic, and Vipassana meditation traditions.

The rich movement vocabulary and aesthetic philosophy of Classical Indian dance is infused into my teaching, and a decade of practicing Thai Yoga Therapy, an ancient modality that blends Yoga postures with therapeutic touch, allows me to support and deepen a practitioner’s experience of physical asanas.

As a writer-cum-Yogini, I’m most interested in how Yogic and meditative practices can support and sustain our creative endeavors.

If you wish to inquire about private instruction, Thai Yoga Therapy, or group classes for your workplace or creative collective, please go here. I look forward to connecting with you.