Find and clarify your big idea. Turn your rocky experiences into talk-worthy gems. Tell stories that catch fire. Shine brighter as a writer and speaker.

You’ve got a message.

Something that can solve a collective problem or change the world. A value deeply tied to who you are and the work you want to be doing.

But first you need to get your message crystal clear – chisel it down to its brilliant essence and find the most compelling way to deliver it.

In an information-saturated market, the most effective way to connect with an audience is through the power of story.

And yes! You do have a message and story that will shift hearts and minds.

Find Your Radiant Story: A powerful one-to-one process for women with a message.

A good story is one that draws us in and takes us on a journey. A radiant story is lit from within by a powerful idea.

A good story can tug at your heart. A radiant story changes the way we see the world.

A Radiant Story is one that connects and transforms. 

Storytelling is how human beings make sense of the world. It’s how we learn. It’s also the most effective vehicle for getting our ideas across.

Find Your Radiant Story is a process that will hone your gem of an idea, mine your experience for the stories that carry it most powerfully, and show you how to write and deliver them in more persuasive and riveting ways.

You’ll get to share and be heard in a safe, supportive context, clarify your message, and reframe stories from your past so that they inspire both you and your audience. You will also learn essential tools to becoming a better writer and editor along the way.

Don’t leave your brilliant ideas in the dark.

Find Your Radiant Story:  A powerful one-to-one process for women with a message.

Create a transformative narrative of your journey and clarify your core message; Suitable for speeches and talks, memoirs, bios, voice-overs, personal essays, podcast or video scripts – and more.

Find Your Radiant Story is a revelatory journey of guided inquiry and focused conversation.

You will:

  • Clarify and hone your big idea.
  • Identify powerful stories that communicate your ideas and spark others to action.
  • Co-write an impactful speech, talk, or bio.
  • Explore the tenets of great storytelling – and why women are hardwired for it.
  • Learn powerful techniques to release fear and generate flow in your creative process.

How I learned to make women shine:

In every phase of my working life my goal has been to support women and girls in finding and growing their felt sense of authentic power.

Sometimes this has meant working with their bodies and emotions through Yoga, and therapeutic embodiment and mindfulness practices.

Sometimes it has come through listening to and transforming their stories to support their empowered unfolding in the world.

For the past 10 years as a writer and writing coach I have worked with women from all walks of life: young women in lock-down rehab facilities, female refugees, professional women, media entrepreneurs, voice coaches, writers, teachers and performers. In addition, I spent four years intensively studying the art and craft of writing and story making, and taught creative and rhetorical writing at the university level.

I followed this up with work at the Refugee Women’s Alliance and the International Rescue Committee, collecting refugee narratives and shaping them into writing and speeches that could be used for fundraising materials; I also helped female entrepreneurs communicate their mission and stories in more effective ways. To cultivate my skills as an interviewer and facilitator, I studied therapeutic approaches, such as Narrative Exposure Therapy, that create integration and a feeling of wholeness in the internal life of the teller.

In each of these milieus, it became clear that stories, how we perceive and tell them, have enormous power in shaping our sense of self – and how the world sees us.

The most potent stories – the ones that really connected with an audience – were those that revealed both the vulnerability of the narrator and their capacity for positive change.

The specific flavor or details of the change they wanted to see – both personally and for the world – uncovered a core value or principle.

This value, once discovered and refined, became their vital message to the world.

I also learned this:

Most women could not spot their own powerful narrative. They couldn’t recognize the power of their message or see their own radiance.

But I could.

And it has become my mission to do just that. 

I now know that finding our transformational narrative, and speaking the vital but tender truth we have to give, is something we can’t do alone. We need a safe space, insight and guidance.

So I’ve developed a process for women who have something to say – a solution or vision they want to give the world, a venture they want to see realized – and need the means to tell it.

Find Your Radiant Story. A powerful one-to-one process for women with a message.

Now is the time to speak your ideas into life.

Articulating your story in the most potent first step you can take – because storytelling is about power.

Shaping your own narrative is how you can begin to take control and offer your deepest gift. It’s how you show others – and yourself – that a better version of life is possible.

I’ve channeled all my experience and skill into the task of getting women to knock the dirt off their past, get to the core of their message – and tell it in a way that positively dazzles.

Ready to start? Great! A few things you should know:

Who will benefit:

Those who want to find or better articulate their core message or idea.

Those who are willing to commit to a deeper, more introspective process.

Those who are excited by the opportunity to do weekly guided enquiry and writing.

Those who want to learn how to be better storytellers across a variety of platforms.

Go no further if:

You are looking for a plug-and-play. Find Your Radiant Story is for women willing to show up, be seen and heard, and engage.

Light up the story that will light up the world.

So often we tell stories about ourselves, our dreams, ideas and desires that don’t let them flourish in the world.

But with a little examination and a good ear, some skill and craft and love we can reframe our past so that it supports our radiant unfolding. We can find the story that provides the perfect container for the light and fire of our ideas. We can learn how to tell it in a way that gives us The Glow.

All of us are great storytellers, but we’ve got to find the stories that really communicate our core message and serve the change we want to see manifest.

That journey – of looking in and changing dirt to diamonds – can change us forever, too.

Don’t hide your brilliance, lady. It’s time to radiate.

Want to get started, or ask a question? I’d love to hear from you. Connect with me here.